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Superstitious beliefs are as old as the human kind and as long as we have the ability to think, form our own opinions and pass them along, there will always be something that “got lost in the translation” and got turned into a pattern we must follow in order to live happier, longer lives. Some will laugh other will follow them to the letter but these beliefs will definitely outlive us all. Well, as you can see this post will be about most popular superstitious beliefs so, whether you love them, hate them or have some interesting ones to share, I hope you’ll have fun reading it.

1. Black cat and luck

If you see a person taking three steps back, spitting and opting for a shortcut or an alternative direction, you can rest assured you’ve came across a superstitious individual who has just had an encounter with a cat. Black cats play the leading role in many popular superstitious beliefs so once this feline crosses your path you’ll have to chose between suffering bad luck or making a detour and being late. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely ignore this sign of bad luck. I’d have to have more than 9 lives just so I could die due to all those chain letters I’ve ignored so, for me, a bit of black cat induced bad luck is just as important as one grain of sand is to Sahara desert.

2. Rabbit’s foot

Having a bunny foot is supposed to bring you good luck so you can either carry it as a necklace, a bracelet, a key fob or a good luck charm. Whoa, I can’t imagine scoring any style points with these accessories. Okay, retro is fashionable but let’s not go back to prehistoric time, shall we? And speaking about luck- the poor bunny had four of those legs and yet, they ended up as an accessory so I seriously doubt they’ll bring you more luck than they did to their previous owner.

3. Break a mirror and you’ll have 7 years of bad luck

Well, this is totally not true! I’ve broken a mirror just 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave the house on the morning of one very important exam and no bad luck followed. In fact, I’ve passed that exam with flying colors and was lucky enough to get great questions. You should be careful, that’s for sure but don’t get all stressed about one mirror. Pick up the pieces, make sure you don’t hurt yourself, throw them away and continue with your life!

4. Throwing salt over your back

You should always have a salt shaker at hand so in case your bunny leg fails and you happen to break a mirror while trying to avoid the big bad black cat, you can always reach for it, throw a pinch of salt over your back and end that chain of bad luck before it starts affecting your life. LOL! Why don’t we pack a pepper shaker and some vinegar too? We could definitely save our lunch money because I bet those alternative roads for avoiding black cats are full with different herbs and leaves ideal to be used in salads.

5. Ladders and bad luck

Well, if we’re about to list popular superstitious beliefs, we just have to mention the importance of ladders and the huge effect they could have on your luck and life! So, whatever you do, don’t even think about walking under them, not even if avoiding those means putting yourself at risk of being hit by a car! LOL! I’m joking, of course! I’m just trying to point out how silly this belief is! Some say walking under ladders will bring you bag luck, others say you’ll never marry or have kids but, in reality, the worst thing that could happen is to get struck by paint brush or a whole bucket of paint. So, be careful – not superstitious!

6. Number 13

One of the most popular superstitious beliefs ever and, if you’ve read my post dedicated to all the drama and mystery surrounding this number, you know exactly how I feel about it. My own sister was born on that “scary” Friday 13th and, apart from a little bit of childish jealousy towards the “newcomer”, I never experienced anything bad on this day. I’d suggest leaving your bunny legs at home, wearing matching socks and having fun looking at other people goofing around trying to avoid bad luck.

7. Wedding-related beliefs

There are many widely known, very popular superstitious beliefs that suggest the newlyweds should go through a lot of fuss to make sure their marriage starts off on the right food. They must not see each other before the ceremony, bride should be carried inside the new home to avoid tripping, falling or entering with her left food and, God forbid the groom drops the wedding band while trying to put it on your finger! I’d say people should stop worrying about old wives tales and start focusing on each other because the only thing that could destroy your marriage is failing to speak your minds, not compromising, not listening to each other and not loving each other. And that has nothing to do with cats, birds, bunnies, coins or whatnot.      

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