A Purse Can Speak Louder Than Words

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This is for the guys....her purse – believe it or not – can tell you a lot more than you’d think. So before you take the next step in the dating process, read on for a complete breakdown of purses and their matching personalities. The Oversize Bag – Think Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. If your significant-other could potentially crawl into her massive purse, think twice before asking to borrow some change. Chances are, she’ll spend half and hour rummaging through a deep hole of half-eaten sandwiches and five different types of lip gloss. Also, expect the rest of her life to be just as hectic. A girl with an oversized bag often comes with plenty of baggage. The Designer Bag – If your ladies’ bag is plastered with flashy logos, she is probably a superficial label whore. The need for approval through luxury goods means she’ll be needy and insecure, often hiding behind a plethora of other things. Avoid the headache and stay away from this shallow Sally. The Clutch – A clutch is often a sign of a girl who is organized and has her life under control. Being that clutches are too small to hold anything other than essentials, this type of lady has her priorities and sticks to them. If you’re not looking for anything serious, perhaps consider staying away. The oversize bag girl might be more up your alley. The Pocket – If the object of your affection does not carry a purse, take a second look at her sexuality. I, for one, have yet to meet a member of the opposite-sex that does not lug a purse around all day. Unless she’s a butch lesbian that goes by the name of “Tom”. If she’s actually straight, chances are she’s also low-key and easygoing. Not a bad option if you’re looking for a stable relationship.

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