Red Wine Exercise?

You may have heard that a glass of red wine at night might actually be good for you. Well research has shown that the key healthy ingredient may actually protect against the effects of sedentary lifestyles - good news for those of us who spend the day in front of a computer. "As strange as it sounds, a new research study published in the FASEB Journal, suggests that the "healthy" ingredient in red wine, resveratrol, may prevent the negative effects that spaceflight and sedentary lifestyles have on people. The report describes experiments in rats that simulated the weightlessness of spaceflight, during which the group fed resveratrol did not develop insulin resistance or a loss of bone mineral density, as did those who were not fed resveratrol." Bottom Line: A moderate intake of red wine can actually help you (but , of course, it doesn't replace exercise and healthy eating).

7 Worst Late Night Foods

Everybody knows that there are certain foods you simply should not eat at night … and I confess, I’m guilty of eating many of them anyway. A momentary lapse is forgivable, but some foods really should not ever be eaten before you go to bed at night. Before you decide on your next bedtime snack, you should definitely have a look at the worst late night foods you can eat. Continue reading "7 Worst Late Night Foods"

4 Eating Tips For Women Who Want To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, the main thing you need to do is take care of your nutrition. Don’t let any infomercials for this ab gadget or that cardio machine fool you. Exercise may be important but your nutrition is the real key to weight loss.  By nutrition I don’t just mean what you eat but also how much you eat and when you do so. This can be rather complex but it doesn’t have to be complicated if all you want to do is to simply shed a few pounds. The following 4 tips will help. Continue reading "4 Eating Tips For Women Who Want To Lose Weight"

9 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit

We all know that water is good for us, but often the reasons are a little fuzzy. And even if we know why we should drink water, it's not a habit that many people form. But there are some very powerful reasons to drink lots of water every day, and forming the habit isn't hard, with a little focus.  The thing about it is, we don't often focus on this habit. We end up drinking coffee, and lots of soda, and alcohol, not to mention fruit juices and teas and milk and a bunch of other possibilities. Or just as often, we don't drink enough fluids, and we become dehydrated -- and that isn't good for our health. Continue reading "9 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit"

6 Things That Make You Look Older

After you graduate high school, there is hardly a moment in your life when you wish you looked older. In fact, with every year that passes by you wish you could look at least the same, if not younger. So, what are the things that might possible be doing the exact opposite? Well, here are the 8 things that in my humble opinion can make appear a couple of year older, so in case you do not want that, make sure you are not caught with any of these 8 things that make you look older! Continue reading "6 Things That Make You Look Older"

Breast milk ice cream goes on sale in Covent Garden

A restaurant in London's Covent Garden is serving a new range of ice cream, made with breast milk. The dessert, called Baby Gaga, is churned with donations from London mother Victoria Hiley, and served with a rusk and an optional shot of Calpol or Bonjela. Mrs Hiley, 35, said if adults realised how tasty breast milk was more new mothers would be encouraged to breastfeed. Each serving of Baby Gaga at Icecreamists costs £14. Mrs Hiley's donation was expressed on site and pasteurised before being churned with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest. Icecreamists founder Matt O'Connor placed an advert appealing for breast milk donations and believes his new recipe will be a success. What's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash?”

"If it's good enough for our children, it's good enough for the rest of us," he said.

"Some people will hear about it and go yuck - but actually it's pure organic, free-range and totally natural." Mrs Hiley, who gets £15 for every 10 ounces of milk she donates to the company, said it was a great "recession beater". "What's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash?" she added. "I teach women how to get started on breastfeeding their babies. There's very little support for women and every little helps." Mr O'Connor said 14 other women had come forward to offer their services. Health checks for the lactating women were the same used by hospitals to screen blood donors. "No-one's done anything interesting with ice cream in the last hundred years," he added.  

How to Avoid Having the Holiday Drunk at Your Table

'Tis the season to get plastered. The scariest statistics came from a recent international study by a British physician group, which showed alcohol was the most harmful addiction, worse than heroin and crack cocaine, BECAUSE OF THE HARM IT DOES OTHERS. So, even if you're moderating or sipping Virgin Marys, the inebriated revelers around you could still destroy your dinner, celebration -- or your life. Continue reading "How to Avoid Having the Holiday Drunk at Your Table"