8 Gifts Your Man Doesn’t Want

Buying a gift for your boyfriend can be super tricky, ladies, as I’m sure you’ve all discovered at one time or another. No matter how well you know your man, no matter how long you’ve been together, chances are you’ll still find yourself agonising over what to get him for his birthday. I’ve done some research to help you out, girls, and put together a list of 8 gifts your man doesn’t want. Continue reading "8 Gifts Your Man Doesn’t Want"

7 Signs You’re a Fashion Junkie

We all love to look good, ladies, and part of that is about keeping up with what’s hot on the catwalk. But, girls, sometimes style can get in the way of other important elements of life; it’s not ok to spend your entire pay cheque on one pair of shoes – especially if you’ve got a million in your wardrobe that look almost identical. I’ve asked around and put together this list of 7 signs you’re a fashion junkie. Read it: you never know, labels might just be ruining your life. Continue reading "7 Signs You’re a Fashion Junkie"

12 Critical Things You Should Never Tolerate

There is so much in life that we just tolerate. Some of it we have to deal with (taxes, bad weather, traffic). But there’s a good portion of stuff that we tolerate even when we don’t have to. We step around things, overlook irritations, and mindlessly accept energy drains. Perhaps we’ve become so immune to these tolerations that we don’t recognize the negative impact they have on us.  Sometimes just recognizing the things we are tolerating in life gives us a renewed sense of hope and energy. If you don’t know what’s pulling you down, it feels impossible to make your life better. Even small changes and shifts with these life tolerations can result in dramatic improvement in your outlook and mood. Continue reading "12 Critical Things You Should Never Tolerate"

7 Reasons Not to Avoid the Mirror

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve been there: you’re not feeling great about yourself so you avoid the mirror. Not forever, but just until you’ve started to feel better. Not wanting to see your reflection is actually pretty common among women, and as long as it’s just an ‘every now and again’ kind of thing, it’s not that bad. But, girls, never wanting to look in the mirror is a serious problem, and one that signals not just dissatisfaction with body shape and size, but also the beginnings of dangerous denial. Looking ourselves in the eye isn’t just about evaluating our appearance; it’s about accepting who we are. On that note, I’ve put together a list of 7 reasons why you should stand in front of your reflection every morning. Continue reading "7 Reasons Not to Avoid the Mirror"

7 Tips for Updating Your Look & Style

It’s a great time to think about updating your look and style. You don’t have to totally revamp yourself like you may have done at the start of the new year, but a little updating is always a great idea. You’d be surprised at all the little things that will do the trick. In fact, some of these tips for updating your look and style are quite small, but they make a big impact. Continue reading "7 Tips for Updating Your Look & Style"

Victoria’s Secret accused of ANOTHER Photoshop fail on model with bizarrely-shaped thighs

It's not the first time Victoria's Secret has been caught out. But the lingerie company is the subject of ridicule yet again, after it appeared to have airbrushed out large parts of a model's thighs.   The beauty, who wore a bright blue linen beach romper, was pictured with unnaturally thin legs in a picture posted on the company's website. She had also been given a bizarre concave shape to her inner thighs.   Today fashion blogs slammed the company, comparing the photograph to one taken last year of Marisa Miller, whose arm was removed in the digital retouching process. Continue reading "Victoria’s Secret accused of ANOTHER Photoshop fail on model with bizarrely-shaped thighs"

6 Things That Make You Look Older

After you graduate high school, there is hardly a moment in your life when you wish you looked older. In fact, with every year that passes by you wish you could look at least the same, if not younger. So, what are the things that might possible be doing the exact opposite? Well, here are the 8 things that in my humble opinion can make appear a couple of year older, so in case you do not want that, make sure you are not caught with any of these 8 things that make you look older! Continue reading "6 Things That Make You Look Older"