The Notebook: Why Men Hate It

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Ask any girl what they think of the movie The Notebook and her eyes will change, she'll say “Oh I love that movie,” and visibly melt before your eyes. Ask a guy what he thinks of the movie and he’ll pull a face and mutter with utter contempt “Ugh, I hate that movie.” So why are there such opposing views of the film between the sexes? And why do men hate it more than every other romantic movie out there? (more…)
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How To Win An Argument

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We all know that dating is hard. And even for those who have been lucky enough to find a significant-other, life is not always seen through rose colored glasses. Nagging is inevitable, fights become something of a regular occurrence, and we’re left wondering where those fairy tales managed to draw their inspiration from. But in knowing that these situations are unavoidable, the best thing you can do is play the game and try to do it as smartly as possible. Below, I’ll highlight a few tips on how go about winning any argument and calling it a day before things escalade out of control.  (more…)
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How to Break out of the Comfort Zone

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Where do we go, when there’s a need to be loved like we need to be loved?This is a question that was brought up by then R&B singing sensation Vanessa Williams in her 1992 hit song and surreal music video ‘The Comfort Zone.’  Decades before ‘Single ladies‘ became the ultimate women’s anthem, Vanessa Williams was able to comfort many women by singing about how being in a stable and familiar relationship is the ultimate ‘comfort zone’ for any woman.  Ironically, the music video takes place in the middle of the desert with no boyfriend in sight. (more…)
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Should You Befriend A Frenemy On Facebook?

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What do you do when you receive a Facebook friend request from a frenemy?  Frenemies give you backhanded compliments, they make you tow the line while they stand on the side munching on popcorn as if watching a movie.    It boils their blood every time something good happens to you like an on-the-job promotion or a first-time home purchase.  They seem to love attacking the things you love most about yourself , but do it subtly. (more…)
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5 Pointers On How Not To Be A Doormat

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So you’ve cleared your entire schedule in case he calls on Friday night? You let him decide where every date is because you don’t care what you’re doing as long as you’re with him? You’re also around his place so often his roommate is starting to mistake you for – you guessed it – his doormat. Take it from me, there’s nothing sexy about something you’d rub your shoes on; in fact, women like guys who have an opinion and some direction. So pick yourself up off of the floor and follow these five rules to take the power back in your relationships! (more…)
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12 Critical Things You Should Never Tolerate

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There is so much in life that we just tolerate. Some of it we have to deal with (taxes, bad weather, traffic). But there’s a good portion of stuff that we tolerate even when we don’t have to. We step around things, overlook irritations, and mindlessly accept energy drains. Perhaps we’ve become so immune to these tolerations that we don’t recognize the negative impact they have on us.  Sometimes just recognizing the things we are tolerating in life gives us a renewed sense of hope and energy. If you don’t know what’s pulling you down, it feels impossible to make your life better. Even small changes and shifts with these life tolerations can result in dramatic improvement in your outlook and mood. (more…)
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7 Most Popular Superstitious Beliefs

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Superstitious beliefs are as old as the human kind and as long as we have the ability to think, form our own opinions and pass them along, there will always be something that “got lost in the translation” and got turned into a pattern we must follow in order to live happier, longer lives. Some will laugh other will follow them to the letter but these beliefs will definitely outlive us all. Well, as you can see this post will be about most popular superstitious beliefs so, whether you love them, hate them or have some interesting ones to share, I hope you’ll have fun reading it. (more…)
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Why having a dead-end job is WORSE for your health than being unemployed

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There are some who don't need an excuse to skip a day's work - but this could be a good reason to quit your job altogether.   A badly-paid or temporary job can be as bad for a person's mental health as none at all, researchers claim.  Little job security, demanding work and poor managers can all impact on a person's well-being just as much as unemployment. (more…)
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