Holiday Time

TheBoardwalk December is coming closer and closer, which means Holiday Time!!! One of the best places to go to is Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.  Going to Port Elizabeth can be fun, with so much to do and to see for the young and the old. Sun, sea, warm weather, friendly people and of course The Boardwalk You can't go to PE without going to The Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is the most exciting leisure attraction in the Eastern Cape, offering 24-hour entertainment and superior conference space, 5-star Hotel, Spa, Casino, Shops and Restaurants. The best place to stay for this coming holiday will definitely be The Boardwalk Hotel, with 140 luxury guest rooms each with an ocean view with awesome accommodation options, pamper yourself at The Boardwalk Spa by Africology which also has a fitness centre (stay in shape while you on holiday), and spend the nights at The Boardwalk Casino offering lots of action with the latest slots games and casino classics. If you haven't decided where you going for this December holiday, you should definitely be heading down to the Eastern Cape, The Boardwalk is waiting for you. See you there 🙂  

Birthday Picnic Willow Feather Farm


  Yesterday was my birthday, yes I share my birthday with Madiba, and my sister 🙂 Since Dewald and I started dating I always wanted to go and have a picnic somewhere.  We never got to do it and I think Dewald isn't really into the picnic thing. So yesterday I got this big surprise, we went for a picnic on my birthday....AWESOME!!! Dewald couldn't have picked a better place for a picnic, Willow Feather Farm, situated next to the R21, close to the Irene Mall.  Willow Feather Farm  supplies indigenous trees to retail and wholesale customers, but they also have a nursery, tea garden, farmyard, kids party place and of course the picnic facilities. When we arrived they gave us blankets and said we must go and pick a spot. they gave us a few minutes and brought the picnic basket and the menu to order drinks. Since it was a bit cold yesterday, we looked for a spot with little or no wind and lots of sunshine.   WillowFF   The picnic basket was filled with yummy food, salads, cookies, fresh bread, dried fruit and nougat....mmmm And to drink I ordered the best strawberry milkshake I have ever tasted, served in a big glass topped with fresh cream and a cherry, delish!!   WillowFF   After our picnic we walked through the farmyard looking at all the animals from pot belly pigs, sheep, goats, swans, ducks, rabbits and the weird looking alpacas, their eyes kinda freaked me out.  I watched an episode of Dirty Jobs once where they were shearing alpacas for their wool, the alpacas would fight back by spitting boogers at the shearer, so I was a little cautious....especially when he pulled a face like this!!   WillowFF   My favourite was the goats (French Alpine/ Ober Hasly).  This little guy was so cute I just wanted to take him home with me!   WillowFeatherFarm   Overall it was a fun picnic and I really enjoyed it.  My first picnic and it was on my birthday!!     #MINIQueen              

Stuff you don’t want to run out off

It’s almost inevitable that every reader will have experienced that heart-stopping moment when you realise that you have run out of something that is (to you) vitally important. But it’s late, the shops are shut, tomorrow is a bank holiday and nothing will be open. There are some items that I never want to run out of – some are essentials, others not quite so vital but things I don’t want to have to do without … Continue reading "Stuff you don’t want to run out off"

How to Break out of the Comfort Zone

Where do we go, when there’s a need to be loved like we need to be loved?This is a question that was brought up by then R&B singing sensation Vanessa Williams in her 1992 hit song and surreal music video ‘The Comfort Zone.’  Decades before ‘Single ladies‘ became the ultimate women’s anthem, Vanessa Williams was able to comfort many women by singing about how being in a stable and familiar relationship is the ultimate ‘comfort zone’ for any woman.  Ironically, the music video takes place in the middle of the desert with no boyfriend in sight. Continue reading "How to Break out of the Comfort Zone"

Should You Befriend A Frenemy On Facebook?

What do you do when you receive a Facebook friend request from a frenemy?  Frenemies give you backhanded compliments, they make you tow the line while they stand on the side munching on popcorn as if watching a movie.    It boils their blood every time something good happens to you like an on-the-job promotion or a first-time home purchase.  They seem to love attacking the things you love most about yourself , but do it subtly. Continue reading "Should You Befriend A Frenemy On Facebook?"

7 Worst Late Night Foods

Everybody knows that there are certain foods you simply should not eat at night … and I confess, I’m guilty of eating many of them anyway. A momentary lapse is forgivable, but some foods really should not ever be eaten before you go to bed at night. Before you decide on your next bedtime snack, you should definitely have a look at the worst late night foods you can eat. Continue reading "7 Worst Late Night Foods"

8 Gifts Your Man Doesn’t Want

Buying a gift for your boyfriend can be super tricky, ladies, as I’m sure you’ve all discovered at one time or another. No matter how well you know your man, no matter how long you’ve been together, chances are you’ll still find yourself agonising over what to get him for his birthday. I’ve done some research to help you out, girls, and put together a list of 8 gifts your man doesn’t want. Continue reading "8 Gifts Your Man Doesn’t Want"

7 Most Popular Superstitious Beliefs

Superstitious beliefs are as old as the human kind and as long as we have the ability to think, form our own opinions and pass them along, there will always be something that “got lost in the translation” and got turned into a pattern we must follow in order to live happier, longer lives. Some will laugh other will follow them to the letter but these beliefs will definitely outlive us all. Well, as you can see this post will be about most popular superstitious beliefs so, whether you love them, hate them or have some interesting ones to share, I hope you’ll have fun reading it. Continue reading "7 Most Popular Superstitious Beliefs"

7 Tips for Updating Your Look & Style

It’s a great time to think about updating your look and style. You don’t have to totally revamp yourself like you may have done at the start of the new year, but a little updating is always a great idea. You’d be surprised at all the little things that will do the trick. In fact, some of these tips for updating your look and style are quite small, but they make a big impact. Continue reading "7 Tips for Updating Your Look & Style"