6 Kick Ass Canadian Club Cocktails

canadian-club-lead While my favorite way to drink whisky is warm and neat, that’s a hard beverage to stomach during the scorching-hot summer months. So to help you cool down, while still keeping whisky solidly in your diet, the best way to go is the cocktail. My two favorite whiskies to mix are Canadian Club 10-year-old and 12-year-old. These two refreshing yet flavorful spirits go great with a wide variety of mixers. Here are the 6 Canadian Club cocktails I think kick the most ass. Continue reading "6 Kick Ass Canadian Club Cocktails"

6 Annoying Airplane Habits to Avoid

airplane-lead I’m not always as enthusiastic about airplanes and pending trips as everyone else on board – totally fine. But there are some common airplane courtesies which I feel should be respected and upheld by all…and yet….they just aren’t. I just want you to know the things you might do on an airplane that make other people think you’re a ass. You know…so you can stop doing them. Or, um… You know what I mean… Continue reading "6 Annoying Airplane Habits to Avoid"

5 Ways You’re Treated Like a Criminal Every Day

criminal-lead Most people are not criminals. Sure, everybody breaks a law or two, here and there. But for the most part, we’re all a pretty law-abiding bunch. So when you’re not breaking the law, being treated like you are should pee you off. Here are the five most common ways people are treated like criminals, even when they’re not doing anything wrong whatsoever. Continue reading "5 Ways You’re Treated Like a Criminal Every Day"

The 6 Most Common Facebook Photos


People can learn a lot about you from your Facebook profile. By considering your favorite movies, pictures, quotes and the things other people write on your wall, it is quite easy to get a good idea of who you are as a person. And knowing that, many of us are extremely careful about what we throw on there. And I’m not talking about taking down all those drunk pictures from the Jell-O wrestling tournament so you can get that job with the government you’ve been coveting. I’m talking about leaving those up to show anyone and everyone who is looking that you are one cool girl who happens to enjoy wrestling in gelatin. Your Facebook picture is especially important. It’s the first thing people see when they look you up, not to mention the fact that it comes up next to every wall post, Facebook message, chat, update, etc., that you do on that damn website. Naturally, you are going to put a lot of thought into your photo of choice. It needs to be a good representation of who you are, be it an artist, a class clown, or any other type of person. Continue reading "The 6 Most Common Facebook Photos"