Prelox It takes 2 to start a family....Close to 10 percent of all couples experience infertility at some point, with male infertility contributing to half of all couple’s fertility problems. Without us even knowing it, our lifestyle can affect male fertility, here's how: Stress - It lowers testosterone Alcohol -  It can destroy the hormones that help restore testosterone Vitamins - Fertility boosters are: Vitamin C, E and Zinc, make sure you take them everyday Exercise - Regular exercise can increase sperm count Smoking - Causes less sperm and weak sperm Vegetables - Eat plenty of greens, try to maintain a healthy weight, being overweight kills fertility Sleep - Getting enough sleep will boost your testosterone Today everyone has a hectic lifestyle and the tricky part is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that is where Prelox comes in.  Lamelle Research Laboratories have launched a male fertility product containing what is considered the most valuable and effective fertility booster in the world. Prelox Fertility has been developed using a unique patented combination of Pycnogenol and L-arginine aspartate.  No side effects have been reported in any published Prelox® studies to date. Pycnogenol is neither teratogenic nor mutagenic. The multiple benefits of Prelox® include:
  • Increase in the anti oxidative capacity of plasma.
  • Stimulates the activity of e-NOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthetase).
  • In combination with L-Arginine (Prelox®) increases e-NOS in spermatozoa.
  • An increase in spermatozoa NO (Nitric Oxide) increases sperm motility and human sperm capacitance.
Taking two Prelox®capsules daily has a significant effect on overall sperm health. Results can be seen within one month. •  Increase in semen volume •  Increase in spermatozoa concentration •  Increase in percentage of motile spermatozoa •  Increase in percentage of spermatozoa with normal morphology Price: R495 (including VAT) available at pharmacies nationwide, to find out more visit Distributed by Lamelle Research Laboratories, for further information please contact: Meridy Thomas Lamelle Research Laboratories or 0823367043  

Juicing – Reboot With Joe

Juicing   We recently watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It's about a guy named Joe Cross who was 45kg overweight and suffered from a debilitating autoimmune disease. Joe decided to trade his typical junk food diet, to only drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days, to get rid of all the pills he had to take for his disease and to achieved a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  He did just that, now free from the autoimmune disease, he successfully lost the weight and got himself off all the pills.  He rebooted his life. So we decided to start juicing, on Joe's website Reboot With Joe, you get a 3-Day (quick detox), 5-Day, 10-Day and 15-Day plan with recipes and shopping lists, go check it out here: Juicing Diet Plans  (so no excuses) The first two mornings was the best, Berry Apple Cinnamon Bake, very jummy, I would eat that for breakfast every day!!   2013-05-28 09.26.36   Another on of my favourites was the Carrot and Sweet Potato "Fries" with salad.   Juicing   The first week you are still eating vegetables and fruits, thereafter you start juicing everything from your breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack to dinner!!   It takes some time getting used to drinking your lunch or dinner, but you see results so quickly, it is totally worth going on this juicing diet.  It is very healthy and you loose weight while doing it...BONUS!! My bofriend (Dewald) lost about  5kg, his dad (a.k.a Fasha) lost  14kg and that is without exercising. Fasha is also a lot healthier now, he suffered from chronic migraines (3 - 5 migraines per week) that was triggered by anything that contained nuts, traces of nuts, betacarotene or tartra.  His last migraine was 3 days into the reboot and has been migraine free for the last 5 weeks. Two days ago he had peanuts for the first time in over 10 years without getting a migraine at all.  AWESOME!!! This is really one of the best diets out there, you get quick results and it is very healthy! So those of you who have some weight to lose, just wants to detox or just want a healthy lifestyle, this is it!!  Go watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead if you need some convincing. I will definitely do a update on this post, to brag about our results at the end of the diet 🙂 Cheers for now Happy Healthy Life #MINIQUEEN            

8 Tips on How to Boost Energy Instantly

How to boost energy is a question many of us ask ourselves. We all feel the strain of everyday life; not enough sleep, too much work. However we need to learn of some ways of how to boost energy levels in our bodies that are not time consuming – let’s face it, none of us have much time to spare. Here are my 8 Tips on How to Boost Energy Instantly that will surely leave you feeling exhilarated, removing the tired feeling. Continue reading "8 Tips on How to Boost Energy Instantly"

5 Ways To Fuel Your Brain

Sharpen up with these top mind-boosters

Best For Healthier Brain Matter… Fish Oil

Omega-3s nourish the mind’s communication strands. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recommends 400mg of fish oil capsules a day.

Best For Writing Tests… Creatine

“Creatine increases the amount of energy that is available to the brain for computational tasks, improving general mental ability,” says Dr Caroline Rae of Macquarie University, Sydney.

Best For Short-Term Focus… Nicotine Gum

Studies suggest that chewing on a two milligram tab can fire-up electrical impulses between nerve cells that help focus attention.

Best For Better Memory… Caffeine

A regular Americano stimulates the frontal lobe. As a result, you will retain every profanity the boss fires at you about your extended coffee breaks.

Best For Sharpness… Vinpocetine

A periwinkle plant extract, it increases blood flow to the brain. Studies from Japan suggest that 40mg a day raises mental alertness.

How to Break out of the Comfort Zone

Where do we go, when there’s a need to be loved like we need to be loved?This is a question that was brought up by then R&B singing sensation Vanessa Williams in her 1992 hit song and surreal music video ‘The Comfort Zone.’  Decades before ‘Single ladies‘ became the ultimate women’s anthem, Vanessa Williams was able to comfort many women by singing about how being in a stable and familiar relationship is the ultimate ‘comfort zone’ for any woman.  Ironically, the music video takes place in the middle of the desert with no boyfriend in sight. Continue reading "How to Break out of the Comfort Zone"

7 Worst Late Night Foods

Everybody knows that there are certain foods you simply should not eat at night … and I confess, I’m guilty of eating many of them anyway. A momentary lapse is forgivable, but some foods really should not ever be eaten before you go to bed at night. Before you decide on your next bedtime snack, you should definitely have a look at the worst late night foods you can eat. Continue reading "7 Worst Late Night Foods"

Manic depression has been rebranded as bipolar… But are so many of us really mentally ill?

When Lucy Johnstone began working in mental health nearly 20 years ago, bipolar disorder — or manic depression as it was known then — made up a small fraction of her workload.  ‘Now, every other referral is someone with suspected bipolar disorder,’ says Johnstone, a consultant clinical psychologist for Cwm Taf Health Board in Wales.  ‘More people turn up with it because they hear about it in the news. They go to their GP saying: ‘‘I think I’m bipolar.’’   This confirms the effect of what some feel is the ‘fashion’ among celebrities for being labelled bipolar, a condition the Royal College of Psychiatrists claims affects one in 100 people at some point in their lives.  The latest high-profile name is Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones, who was reportedly admitted to a clinic for five days suffering from depression and mood swings brought on by the stress of her husband, Michael Douglas, battling throat cancer. Continue reading "Manic depression has been rebranded as bipolar… But are so many of us really mentally ill?"