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  • Prelox


    It takes 2 to start a family….Close to 10 percent of all couples experience infertility at some point, with male infertility contributing to half of all couple’s fertility problems. Without us even knowing it, our lifestyle can affect male fertility, here’s how: Stress – It lowers testosterone Alcohol –  It can destroy the hormones that […]

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  • Juicing – Reboot With Joe


      We recently watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s about a guy named Joe Cross who was 45kg overweight and suffered from a debilitating autoimmune disease. Joe decided to trade his typical junk food diet, to only drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days, to get rid of all the […]

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  • 5 Ways To Fuel Your Brain


    Sharpen up with these top mind-boosters Best For Healthier Brain Matter… Fish Oil Omega-3s nourish the mind’s communication strands. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recommends 400mg of fish oil capsules a day. Best For Writing Tests… Creatine “Creatine increases the amount of energy that is available to the brain for computational tasks, improving general […]

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  • Wrinkle-Reducing Foods

    “You are what you eat.” Hokey? Sure. True? Absolutely. And, if your complexion’s not its best, embarking on a healthy skin diet is one thing that experts agree can really help make a difference — especially where keeping wrinkles at bay is concerned. (There are also foods that can ward off acne.)

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  • 7 Worst Late Night Foods

    Everybody knows that there are certain foods you simply should not eat at night … and I confess, I’m guilty of eating many of them anyway. A momentary lapse is forgivable, but some foods really should not ever be eaten before you go to bed at night. Before you decide on your next bedtime snack, […]

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  • Manic depression has been rebranded as bipolar… But are so many of us really mentally ill?

    When Lucy Johnstone began working in mental health nearly 20 years ago, bipolar disorder — or manic depression as it was known then — made up a small fraction of her workload.  ‘Now, every other referral is someone with suspected bipolar disorder,’ says Johnstone, a consultant clinical psychologist for Cwm Taf Health Board in Wales. […]