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  • Wrinkle-Reducing Foods

    “You are what you eat.” Hokey? Sure. True? Absolutely. And, if your complexion’s not its best, embarking on a healthy skin diet is one thing that experts agree can really help make a difference — especially where keeping wrinkles at bay is concerned. (There are also foods that can ward off acne.)

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  • How To Win An Argument

    We all know that dating is hard. And even for those who have been lucky enough to find a significant-other, life is not always seen through rose colored glasses. Nagging is inevitable, fights become something of a regular occurrence, and we’re left wondering where those fairy tales managed to draw their inspiration from. But in knowing […]

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  • 7 Worst Late Night Foods

    Everybody knows that there are certain foods you simply should not eat at night … and I confess, I’m guilty of eating many of them anyway. A momentary lapse is forgivable, but some foods really should not ever be eaten before you go to bed at night. Before you decide on your next bedtime snack, […]

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  • Manic depression has been rebranded as bipolar… But are so many of us really mentally ill?

    When Lucy Johnstone began working in mental health nearly 20 years ago, bipolar disorder — or manic depression as it was known then — made up a small fraction of her workload.  ‘Now, every other referral is someone with suspected bipolar disorder,’ says Johnstone, a consultant clinical psychologist for Cwm Taf Health Board in Wales. […]