How to Break out of the Comfort Zone

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Where do we go, when there’s a need to be loved like we need to be loved?This is a question that was brought up by then R&B singing sensation Vanessa Williams in her 1992 hit song and surreal music video ‘The Comfort Zone.’  Decades before ‘Single ladies‘ became the ultimate women’s anthem, Vanessa Williams was able to comfort many women by singing about how being in a stable and familiar relationship is the ultimate ‘comfort zone’ for any woman.  Ironically, the music video takes place in the middle of the desert with no boyfriend in sight. Although being in a healthy relationship is the ultimate goal for most women when they are trying to end their dating woes,  once you have been living with a man for a long time, you will notice how the grass is always greener on the other side.   Once you are comfortable in a relationship, passion starts to die down, pounds seem to go up and the closest thing to a desert escape you get is by reading your In Touch magazine on the john. It is important to break out of your comfortable routine with your partner from time to time to keep the spark alive.  Instead of ordering out, go to a restaurant that you have been wanting to try.  Ditch your weekly movie date plans and go see a concert instead.  Plan trips instead of bill payments and splurge on lingerie instead of wearing those comfy gray sweatpants to bed every night. In order to be in a good relationship, it is vital for every couple to break out of the comfort zone from time to time.  Comfort is soothing but it can also be draining after awhile.   Enjoy each other’s company and discover new and exciting romantic ventures today!    

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