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MINIAmazingRace2013   Yesterday Northcliff Auto MINI had their MINI Amazing Race Day.  For those who missed it, you missed out BIG TIME!!!  All you had to do to enter this competition was to simply test drive a MINI at Northcliff Auto before the 30th of June 2013.....easy peasy!!  Oh and you got a free Reb Bull on your test drive, courtesy of Red Bull South Africa....BONUS!!! Northcliff Auto picked 8 teams from all the people, that went for a test drive in a MINI, to participate in the MINI Amazing Race. The 8 teams left Northcliff Auto one by one in a MINI ( with a local public figure which included Leanne Manas, Mrs SA 2012 Fikile Mekgoe, Naomi Das and the list goes on. There were different check points that they had to reach as quickly as possible without breaking the speed limit.  At each stop point they received a clue to the next stop point and they also had to swop drivers.  So you had to know your way around Jozi for this one. All the teams made it back safely and you could see on their faces that they thoroughly enjoyed the MINI Amazing Race.   MINIAmazingRace2013   While the teams were out, the rest of the crew was entertained by MINI Northcliff Auto, they had a parking competition to put your parking skills to the test, a big jumping castle, DJs, food and drink stalls and a photo booth with a MINI where you could go and take some crazy pics of yourself 🙂   The day was sponsored by Red Bull SA and DO IT NOW Magazine.     I hope MINI Northcliff Auto has another MINI Amazing Race next year so that I can participate in the race itself.     #MINIQueen   🙂          

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