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Guys, have you seen the new Nissan Navara ad?? I saw it and I thought that it is a cool ad. ┬áThe first thing that caught my eye was the bakkie....of course ­čÖé ┬á(I have always been a fan of the Nissan Navara) It was actually the colour of the bakkie in this ad, it is this bright red, and I don't know if it is just me, but not all cars can be sexy in red. ┬áThis bakkie really looks cool in red.....I like ­čÖé The ad is just about 30 seconds, short, sweet and to the is about two guys cruising through a mountain pass all tra la la, enjoying the ride, when all of a sudden it is just falling rocks all over the place, while ducking and diving these falling rocks one of these BEEG rocks fell on the back of the bakkie. What they want to tell us in this ad is that the Nissan Navara bakkie is a very powerful bakkie, and even with a big ass rock on the back of the bakkie, you don't feel any power difference...and they did very well putting their point across, adding some humor to the end of the video. Click on the link below to watch the new Nissan Navara ad!!!     As you can see in the video ┬áthe Nissan Navara┬á4.0-litre V6 petrol and V9X diesel V6┬ámean business. With features likes these, the Nissan Navara bakkie is a beast:
  • Electronic Throttle Control with secondary mapping in 4LO mode
  • Continuous Valve Timing Control
  • Nissan Variable Induction Control System
  • Micro-finished camshaft and crankshaft surfaces
  • Molybdenum-coated pistons
  • A┬áresin intake manifold
  • A digital knock control system
  Navara   With all the beastly features, the Nissan Navara is definitely the King Kong of all the bakkies out there!!

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