Fourways Farmers’ Market

FFM   A couple of weeks ago we started Juicing, and if you went on Joe's website you would have seen that juicing means lots of fruit and vegetables.  Dewald and I have been going to different food markets in and around Johannesburg in search of fresh farmers' produce. Last Sunday we went to Fourways Farmers' Market, across the road from MonteCasino. We were really impressed with everything at the market, great food, fresh produce, desserts and a very relaxed atmosphere where  everyone was walking around through the stalls, eating, drinking and just enjoying themselves. We first tried a croquette with mustard, which was awesome.  Lets say that was our starter 🙂 For our main meal, we had a balkan burger from the Balkan Burger Bar.  Would go back to the market just for that burger, that is how good it was! FourwaysFarmersMarket   Dessert was a very difficult choice to make from pastries, pancakes, muffins, cupcakes, tarts, cakes to ginormous waffles with cream and strawberries....mmmm.  Everything looked mouth watering, the big carrot cake muffin caught my eye and Dewald went for a slice of peppermint crisp tart. FourwaysFarmersMarket   Fourways Farmers' Market was definitely one of the best markets we went to. They are open every sunday from 9AM - 2PM. With about 61 vendor stalls, there is plenty to choose from, from fresh produce, organically grown vegetables and herbs, farm eggs, locally made cheeses, cured meats and locally designed goods.   Go check out their website on the link below for some great outdoor entertainment : Fourways Farmers' Market   Cheers 🙂 #MINIQueen    

Juicing – Reboot With Joe

Juicing   We recently watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It's about a guy named Joe Cross who was 45kg overweight and suffered from a debilitating autoimmune disease. Joe decided to trade his typical junk food diet, to only drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days, to get rid of all the pills he had to take for his disease and to achieved a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  He did just that, now free from the autoimmune disease, he successfully lost the weight and got himself off all the pills.  He rebooted his life. So we decided to start juicing, on Joe's website Reboot With Joe, you get a 3-Day (quick detox), 5-Day, 10-Day and 15-Day plan with recipes and shopping lists, go check it out here: Juicing Diet Plans  (so no excuses) The first two mornings was the best, Berry Apple Cinnamon Bake, very jummy, I would eat that for breakfast every day!!   2013-05-28 09.26.36   Another on of my favourites was the Carrot and Sweet Potato "Fries" with salad.   Juicing   The first week you are still eating vegetables and fruits, thereafter you start juicing everything from your breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack to dinner!!   It takes some time getting used to drinking your lunch or dinner, but you see results so quickly, it is totally worth going on this juicing diet.  It is very healthy and you loose weight while doing it...BONUS!! My bofriend (Dewald) lost about  5kg, his dad (a.k.a Fasha) lost  14kg and that is without exercising. Fasha is also a lot healthier now, he suffered from chronic migraines (3 - 5 migraines per week) that was triggered by anything that contained nuts, traces of nuts, betacarotene or tartra.  His last migraine was 3 days into the reboot and has been migraine free for the last 5 weeks. Two days ago he had peanuts for the first time in over 10 years without getting a migraine at all.  AWESOME!!! This is really one of the best diets out there, you get quick results and it is very healthy! So those of you who have some weight to lose, just wants to detox or just want a healthy lifestyle, this is it!!  Go watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead if you need some convincing. I will definitely do a update on this post, to brag about our results at the end of the diet 🙂 Cheers for now Happy Healthy Life #MINIQUEEN            

Ferrari Show Day 2013

2013-05-26 12.14.56   Every year, round about this time of the year for the last six years, the Ferrari Owners Club hosted the annual Ferrari Show Day at the MonteCasino's Outdoor Piazza. For those of you who haven't been to one of these Ferrari Show Days, you are missing out quite a lot!!!! For the first time in Ferrari Show Day history, they had a 1991 Formula 1 Ferrari 643.  What a sporty little beast...   2013-05-26 12.10.13   Not only did they have the Formula 1 car, but some of the other Italian cars that you could drool over was the Ferrari 355, Ferrari 360, Ferrari 430, Ferrari F40, just to name a few.... Another one that caught everyones attention was the Ferrari Dino.  The Dino was a marque for mid-engined, rear-drive sports cars produced by Ferrari from 1968 to 1976, and was an attempt by Ferrari to sell a relatively low-cost sports car.  And they were successful, as the Dino is still a very sought after vehicle today.     At 2 0'clock it was time for the Monaco Grand Prix, broadcasted Live on the Piazza's big screen.  Congrats to Nico Rosberg and all his fans! It was a fun day filled with lots of horse power, sexy red Ferrari's and my personal favourite the F40 🙂   #MINIQueen          

Review: The Harvard Cafe – Grand Central Airport

HarvardCafe   The Harvard Cafe is situated at the Grand Central Airport Midrand, in the Main Terminal Building. We have been there a couple of times, and really enjoyed it, great food, good service, and then all the airplanes and helicopters that are right next to you, taking off or coming in for a landing...all while you sit and enjoy your meal. My favourite is the Harvard Burger with Chips, a 130g Fillet Steak with garnish and sauce on a fresh roll.....yummy!!   HarvardBurger   The Harvard Cafe has specials almost everyday...from the Monday Madness - 1/2 price on ALL their Pizza's, to their Tantalising Tuesday - 1/2 price on ALL their main Seafood dishes and then there is a Wednesday special as well - 1/2 on their Steaks and Ribs.....and the list goes on and on.     Not only does The Harvard Cafe have good food and service, they also cater for functions and parties, Buffets, Spit Braais to snack platters, and a playground/jungle gym for the kids.  They even have a shuttle service available from the Midrand Gautrain Station. So if you just want to have a relaxed lunch or a quick business breakfast, The Harvard Cafe is the place to go!! Oh and if you feel like getting dessert, do yourself a favour and order the Harvard Pudding.  I must be honest, at first it looked like they made a hash of it, because of the presentation, but damn, it tasted awesome.....great way to end your meal 🙂 Go check it out!!!!   #MINIQueen  

MINI Paceman Launch and #ManDAY

MINIPaceman   Yesterday (20 May 2013) was ManDay, for those of you who don't know what ManDay was, it was the official day to go test drive the new MINI Paceman!  Yeah!! On the 9th of May 2013 MINI South Africa held the launch of the new Paceman at Krameverville, Sandton.  Just like the MINI Roadster Launch this was also a night event, filled with fun, lots of  manly games, good food, DJ Fresh, Gold Fish, Euphonik, 5FM's KB and then of course the one and only MINI Paceman. Arriving at the launch, we were warmly welcomed with a mojito (Virgin of course, or Nojito, if you want) and juice, with a nice sunset view of Sandton City in the background, perfect, like everything else MINI does!     Later the evening, it was time for the big surprise, the unwrapping of the MINI Paceman.   MINIPaceman   Excited to see what's underneath, everyone helped unwrapping this baby, it was like Christmas, wrapping paper and sellotape all over the place.     Now for the most important thing for all the MINI petrol-heads out there,  the specs.  This beast has some manly specifications, it comes in the Cooper, Cooper S, All 4 and the John Cooper Works.  
Cooper Paceman
Cooper S Paceman
Cooper S Paceman ALL4
Transmission6-Speed, manual6-Speed, manual6-Speed, automatic with Steptronic
Output90 kW @ 6,000 rpm 135 kW @ 5,500 rpm135 kW @ 5,500 rpm
Max. torque/revs160 Nm / 4,250 rpm240 Nm / 1,600-5,000 rpm 240 Nm / 1,600 - 5,000 rpm
Acceleration (0-100km/h)10.4 s7.5 s8.2 s
Top Speed192 km/h217 km/h207 km/h
Unladen weight (DIN/EU)1,255 / 1,330 kg 1,305 / 1,380 kg1,395 / 1,470 kg
  As you can see the MINI Paceman is seriously impressive and will fulfil all your manly needs. Everyone had a chance to test drive the Paceman, on a route they had worked out for us in Sandton, driving down Rivonia, we turned a lot of heads, and saw some people pointing at us, as if we were celebrities driving down Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles 🙂   MINIPaceman   After the fun drive they opened up the dance floor and we started dancing to the tunes of Gold Fish.   GoldFish   Once Gold Fish was done with their show, which included their new hit single "One Million Views", it was time for Mr Big a.k.a DJ Fresh, who continued to keep the dance floor alive into the late hours of a working day.  


  A BIG shout out goes to MINI South Africa for arranging this unforgettable event, and bringing the Paceman to our door step!   #MINIQueen      

MINI Market Day

On the 1st of May 2013, Auto Alpina MINI in Boksburg had a MINI Market Day. A day filled with fun, competitions, painting MINIs, Morgan Beatbox, food, drinks and lots more. Most importantly, the whole day was for a good cause, The St. Francis Children's Home! During the day they handed out prizes to random people that had to answer an easy question, and I was one of the lucky ones, and won a lunch voucher for 2 at the Protea Hotel O.R Tambo. Dewald and I went there today, and had an awesome buffet. The service was VERY good, exceptional really.  The restaurant has a real "airporty" atmosphere!

So THANK YOU Auto Alpina MINI, for a great MINI Market Day and the awesome lunch!!!!