It takes 2 to start a family….Close to 10 percent of all couples experience infertility at some point, with male infertility contributing to half of all couple’s fertility problems.

Without us even knowing it, our lifestyle can affect male fertility, here’s how:

Stress – It lowers testosterone

Alcohol –  It can destroy the hormones that help restore testosterone

Vitamins – Fertility boosters are: Vitamin C, E and Zinc, make sure you take them everyday

Exercise – Regular exercise can increase sperm count

Smoking – Causes less sperm and weak sperm

Vegetables – Eat plenty of greens, try to maintain a healthy weight, being overweight kills fertility

Sleep – Getting enough sleep will boost your testosterone

Today everyone has a hectic lifestyle and the tricky part is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that is where Prelox comes in.  Lamelle Research Laboratories have launched a male fertility product containing what is considered the most valuable and effective fertility booster in the world.

Prelox Fertility has been developed using a unique patented combination of Pycnogenol and L-arginine aspartate.  No side effects have been reported in any published Prelox® studies to date. Pycnogenol is neither teratogenic nor mutagenic.

The multiple benefits of Prelox® include:

  • Increase in the anti oxidative capacity of plasma.
  • Stimulates the activity of e-NOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthetase).
  • In combination with L-Arginine (Prelox®) increases e-NOS in spermatozoa.
  • An increase in spermatozoa NO (Nitric Oxide) increases sperm motility and human sperm capacitance.

Taking two Prelox®capsules daily has a significant effect on overall sperm health. Results can be seen within one month.

•  Increase in semen volume

•  Increase in spermatozoa concentration

•  Increase in percentage of motile spermatozoa

•  Increase in percentage of spermatozoa with normal morphology

Price: R495 (including VAT) available at pharmacies nationwide, to find out more visit

Distributed by Lamelle Research Laboratories, for further information please contact:

Meridy Thomas

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