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  • YAY…Thank You Sloggi SA


      I have been very lucky the last couple of months, winning some awesome prizes.  The most recent competition I have entered was with Sloggi South Africa. A couple of weeks ago I entered the competition they had on their Facebook page.  The other day I received a phone call with some very good news […]

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  • 10 Internet Buzz Words

    Here are 10 of the most common internet buzzwords to keep you on top of your game and the online world. Geek is the new speak in 2010 and with the phenomenon of every second person on the street sporting some sort of techie gadget or other while throwing around words such as podcasts, blogs […]

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  • The Social Network (Facebook movie)

    The Social Network, an upcoming film about the formation of Facebook, just released itssecond trailer. And by all accounts, the movie should be a fun ride. The screenplay was written by Aaron Sorkin, the man behind The West Wing and A Few Good Men, and directed by David Fincher, who also did Se7en and Fight Club . Need I say more?

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  • The New (Media) Workout Plan

    THE PROBLEM I’ve recently found myself checking the following websites an unhealthy amount. THE IDEA Every time you open a new tab to check out one of the following websites, stop. Get up from your computer and do the exercise associated with the site you were going to visit. After you complete the exercise, you […]