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  • My Early Birthday Present :)


    On the 28th of June Dewald told me to go check out the new competition that was on Fashion by Brett Robson’s website.  Like every other girl, I am a big fan of the GHD hair straightener  and all their wonderful products.  You know how it goes, when you have curly hair you want it to be […]

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  • Vajajay waxing tips

    Don’t book your wax appointment right before your period. Your skin is at its most sensitive during this time of your cycle, so try to get the wax done at least three of four days before you’re supposed to start menstruating. And don’t even think about making an appointment during your period—not only is that […]

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  • Wacky Beauty Tips That Work

    You’ve been told this line before: “Okay, I know it’s weird, but….” What follows is a surprising piece of advice — about anything from clearing up a zit to taming a flyaway — that totally does the trick. Call it word-of-mouth beauty. Sure, these tips might sound strange at first (“You put diaper cream where?!”), […]