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  • Just a Quick Thank You!!!


    Hello everyone….just want to take the time to quickly thank a couple of people who helped with another donation to Amakhaya Home. Gateway Communications for all the cabinets, drawers and desks! Remonne from MINI Drivers SA for putting us in touch with all the MINI dealers! Thank you JP from MINI Northcliff who sponsored the […]

  • Beauty
  • An Argument For Self-Love

    So many women default to self-loathing. Or, at the very least, self-neutrality. Pride is a sin, after all, and it’s more socially acceptable to trash-talk your own body than it is to praise it. Our society has conflated humility with self-deprecation, which makes open acknowledgment of your own beauty, power, and worth absolutely taboo.

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  • 5 Tips for a Long-Lasting Relationship

    Here are my five foolproof ways for  keeping that fire a-burnin’… 1. Choose Your Battles It sounds cliché, but this is truly one of the most important ingredients to a long-lasting relationship. It definitely isn’t easy, especially when he’s done something that is so juvenile (such as leaving his dirty socks on top the coffee […]