YAY…Thank You Sloggi SA

sloggi3   I have been very lucky the last couple of months, winning some awesome prizes.  The most recent competition I have entered was with Sloggi South Africa. A couple of weeks ago I entered the competition they had on their Facebook page.  The other day I received a phone call with some very good news 🙂 A feel good day worth R6000, to share with a friend and R500 to go to a charity of my choice.   sloggi   Lynette and I was very excited when our parcels arrived. With all the new underwear, everyday is a FeelGood day!!  Can't wait to go and have a pamper day with the great Sorbet vouchers that was also in our parcels. Thank you Sloggi for having this very cool competition!!! Go follow them on Twitter : SloggiSA - "Incredible for you.  Invisible for others."   See Ya #MINIQueen        

Negative Influences To Remove From Your Life

Other people can often bring a negative influence to our lives, both those who should be close to us, and others who should be less important. In many cases these people only have an effect on us because we allow them to do so, and with a little effort on our part we can reduce their impact on us or even remove it altogether. Here are some tips on how to remove negative influences from your life.  Continue reading "Negative Influences To Remove From Your Life"

Twitter Updates

  • @karidutoit lol....jy sien nie meisies van ons ouderdom nog pop speel nie.....maar hulle het nog karretjies en vliegtuie 🙂 #
  • Just watched a movie...it was SO AWESOME I fell asleep in the cinema, people should UNITE not to watch Animals United!!! #

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