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  Yesterday was my birthday, yes I share my birthday with Madiba, and my sister 🙂 Since Dewald and I started dating I always wanted to go and have a picnic somewhere.  We never got to do it and I think Dewald isn't really into the picnic thing. So yesterday I got this big surprise, we went for a picnic on my birthday....AWESOME!!! Dewald couldn't have picked a better place for a picnic, Willow Feather Farm, situated next to the R21, close to the Irene Mall.  Willow Feather Farm  supplies indigenous trees to retail and wholesale customers, but they also have a nursery, tea garden, farmyard, kids party place and of course the picnic facilities. When we arrived they gave us blankets and said we must go and pick a spot. they gave us a few minutes and brought the picnic basket and the menu to order drinks. Since it was a bit cold yesterday, we looked for a spot with little or no wind and lots of sunshine.   WillowFF   The picnic basket was filled with yummy food, salads, cookies, fresh bread, dried fruit and nougat....mmmm And to drink I ordered the best strawberry milkshake I have ever tasted, served in a big glass topped with fresh cream and a cherry, delish!!   WillowFF   After our picnic we walked through the farmyard looking at all the animals from pot belly pigs, sheep, goats, swans, ducks, rabbits and the weird looking alpacas, their eyes kinda freaked me out.  I watched an episode of Dirty Jobs once where they were shearing alpacas for their wool, the alpacas would fight back by spitting boogers at the shearer, so I was a little cautious....especially when he pulled a face like this!!   WillowFF   My favourite was the goats (French Alpine/ Ober Hasly).  This little guy was so cute I just wanted to take him home with me!   WillowFeatherFarm   Overall it was a fun picnic and I really enjoyed it.  My first picnic and it was on my birthday!!     #MINIQueen              

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